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ECOCELL® by CMS is an excellent choice for insulating your home or business

ECOCELL products are engineered to outperform fiberglass products:


•  High R-Value means higher savings

•  ECOCELL reduces noise between rooms and from outside.

•  Installers can handle the products without special equipment

•  Does not irritate the skin.

•  Manufactured for a tight, frictionless fit and to eliminate gaps.

ECOCELL® products are environmentally friendly

Keeping the environment in mind while saving you money, is our priority. Find out how ECOCELL products are working to keep the environment clean:


•  Made from renewable and recycled fiber, majority of which is post-consumer recycled newspaper

•  Zero waste in the manufacturing process

•  CMS creates a "greener" manufacturing process by reducing energy use and air pollution during manufacturing

•  Environmentally responsible - entirely recyclable

All ECOCELL products retain a Class A fire rating, contain no chemicals or irritants, and contain no airborne particles or materials. There is no need for special handling equipment by installers or homeowners. The sections of insulation are designed to fit in tight spaces, eliminating gaps and pockets where air and moisture can infiltrate. ECOCELL insulation also contains an EPA registered fungicide that resists growth of mold.



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