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SPF can be applied to any area of your home or business including

but not limited to:


•  Basements and crawl spaces

•  Pole barns

•  Commercial walk-in coolers

•  Residential or commercial remodeling projects

•  Residential or commercial new construction


Spartan Insulation & Coating uses teams of trained professional insulation applicators to completely insulate your project. SPF not only ensures your comfort, but also enhances the stability of your building, reducing rack and sheer due to its seamless sprayed-on application.

Spray foam insulation SPF insulation

Why should you choose SPF for your home or business?

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) is the choice for many homes and businesses for its reliability, quality and savings:


•  Stops air and moisture infiltration

•  Makes your home more comfortable

•  Saves on energy costs

•  Adds strength to the building structure

•  It is permanent and will not sag

•  Keeps dust and pollen out

•  Reduces capacity requrements and wear of HVAC equipment

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What are the money and energy savings with SPF?

Spray Polyurethane Foam insulation creates an entire envelope in your building that prevents air, gas and water from infiltrating your building, causing damage to your property. A study done by the US Department of Energy found that 40% of your home or business' energy loss is due to air filtration through leaks and gaps. Traditional fiberglass insulation cannot fill gaps around electrical outlets, windows, or doors.


Spray foam insulation also carries an aged R-Value of about 6.5 per 1-inch thickness. This allows it to give you more energy savings with less material, than any other type of insulation. You could see monthly utility savings of approximately 30% or greater when compared to alternative insulation products. The cost of SPF application could be recovered in less than 5 years, just in energy cost savings.


In comparison to traditional fiberglass insulation, which is only stapled or placed loosely between studs, SPF adheres to building materials, creating a tight seal, and guarding your home or business against air, water, and gas infiltration.

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